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Buy Organic Cutlery at Best Price in Bangladesh

Areca leaf cutlery is the perfect and eco-friendly alternative to plastic or metal spoons. These spoons are made from the areca leaf raw material which is a common raw material in Bengali and the South Asian continents. In Bangladesh, areca leaf spoons are widely used and are known for their durability, biodegradability, and cultural significance & made completely organically on the areca leaf spoon-making machine.

Whether you're hosting a traditional wedding celebration, a casual corporate party, or arranging a picnic lunch, areca palm leaf product’s sleek and durable design seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary style, making it an ideal choice for any setting. The natural fibers of the areca leaf give them strength and flexibility, making them leak-proof and long-lasting.

Also for commercial usage, areca leaf cutlery is the perfect alternative to plastic as it is more durable and eco-friendly. EnGreen is the biggest producer of areca leaf cutlery & also the biggest areca leaf suppliers in Bangladesh. Get areca leaf spoon at the best prices at engreen & order in bulk quantities for commercial & personal usage at the areca leaf wholesale price.

Buy Areca Leaf Plates And Bowls At Best Price in BD

If you are looking for natural & biodegradable alternatives for plastic bowls EnGreen: the biggest areca leaf disposable plates bowls supplier in BD is the right option. You can order in bulk as well as in small portions. Besides if you are interested in areca leaf plate making business we also are the manufacturers of Bangladesh’s own areca leaf plates machine. Visit EnGreen to choose from different options & call +88 01894947620 for bulk orders.


What is areca leaf cutlery and how are they made?
Areca leaf cutlery is utensils made from the natural areca leaf, which is a type of palm tree. They are typically crafted & shaped by hydraulic machines and are known for their durability, biodegradability, and cultural significance.
Are areca leaf cutlery biodegradable and environmentally friendly?
Yes, areca leaf cutlery are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Unlike plastic or metal cutlery, they can be easily disposed of without harming the environment and are biodegradable within just 6 weeks.
How does areca leaf cutlery compare to wooden cutlery in terms of sustainability?
Areca leaf cutlery is a more sustainable alternative to wooden cutlery as they are biodegradable and don't require cutting down trees.
Are areca leaf cutlery good alternatives to plastic or metal cutlery?
Areca leaf cutlery is a good alternative to plastic or metal cutlery as they are biodegradable, compostable, and made from natural materials. They also significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.
How can I dispose of used areca leaf cutlery?
Used areca leaf cutlery can be disposed of in a compost bin where they will break down naturally and safely.
Are there any health benefits associated with using the areca leaf cutlery?
Limited research has been conducted on the health benefits of using areca leaf products. However, there is some evidence to suggest that using areca leaf cutlery may provide some health benefits due to the natural properties of the areca leaf.
Are areca leaf cutlery safe for food consumption?
Areca leaf cutlery is safe for food consumption. Made from 100% natural materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals. But, it is necessary to ensure that the cutlery is produced in a hygienic manner and stored properly to avoid contamination.
Why should we use areca leaf spoon?
Spoons are an important part of our food habits. While we use different types of spoons for different occasions, areca leaf spoons are the most environmentally friendly and sustainable because of their natural construction. Also, it does not have any health risks like plastic spoons.
Is the areca leaf spoon a sustainable alternative?
Yes, areca leaf spoons are a 100% sustainable alternative to plastic or metal spoons. Because it offers biodegradability and is made from natural materials, it does not contribute to any damage to the environment.
Are areca leaf cutlery good for the future?
Yes, areca leaf cutlery are good for the future. As these cutlery are made of renewable natural resources which grows back again, also is compostable making it biodegradable within as low as 6 weeks make it a great alternative for the future.
How to make areca spoon?
Areca leaf spoons are natural & eco-friendly substitutes for plastic spoon/cutlery. As it is made from natural resources it is easy to make in a few steps. They are:
  • Collect good quality leaves & clean them thoroughly.
  • Compress it with an areca leaf plate/spoon making machine or give it your desired shape by applying pressure.
  • Cut the additional portion with scissors.
  • Trim the rough edges for better finishing and usability.
In these four easy steps, you can make areca leaf spoon/cutlery.
Are areca leaf spoon reusable?
The natural base of areca leaves makes them reusable more than once if cleaned and preserved well. If you clean & dry it after usage you can reuse it multiple times.
Are areca leaf spoon sturdy?
Yes. Comparing to any plastic spoon, areca leaf spoon are more sturdy. Using areca leaf spoon are more reliable because of its natural strong base of areca leaf.
Is areca leaf cutlery used for a gift?
Yes. Cutleries are very useful for day to day use. Added to that the biodegradibility and customizable options makes it a very good item to give as a gift. You can also paint it & customize it according to your taste.
Can we use areca leaf spoons for multiple uses?
Yes, you can use areca leaf cutlery multiple times. All you need is to properly clean it & dry it after usage then it is ready for your next usage.
How to order for areca leaf cutlery?

If you are looking for the best quality areca leaf products in Bangladesh constructed from high quality areca leaves, now you can order online directly. visit

How are areca leaf spoons manufactured?
Areca leaf spoons can be manufactured within a plant or at home. But for best quality production, it's ideal to use a manufacturing plant & molding machines.
What is the process of making leaf spoons?

Follow these simple steps to make areca leaf spoons.

  • Clean the leaf thoroughly after collecting.
  • Compress it with the machine or shape it with your hands.
  • Cut the extra edges with scissors.
  • Trim the rough edges.
Are Areca Leaf Spoon Used for Home Decor?
The natural blended look & the solid material base of areca leaves makes it perfect for food consumption and home decoration. You can start decorating your home also with used areca leaf cutleries and color it according to your choice which will give your home a very unique and natural look.
Can you wash and reuse palm leaf cutleries?
Yes, palm leaf spoon are reusable as long as you use them lightly and after usage rinse them with water & air dry the cutleries.
How many spoon can be made in one areca leaf?
Depending on the size of the leaf & size of the cutleries you are looking to produce the number can vary. But on average, one large areca palm leaf can be used to make 12 to 15 regular sized spoons.
How eco-friendly are leaf spoon?
Leaf spoon are completely biodegradable, making them 100% eco-friendly. It also degrades automatically within 6 weeks.
Do you use chemicals in areca leaf spoon?
No chemicals are used or required in the making of areca leaf spoon. Which also makes it 100% healthy to use.
Which leaves are used to make spoons?

Areca palm leaves are the most commonly used leaves to make cutleries, as the structure is wide and sturdy enough to hold anything. Areca leaves are typically collected from the areca palm tree and are cleaned and processed to create plates that are both natural and biodegradable.