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Areca Leaf Food Box For Food Storage & Management

Food boxes are one of the most important home & kitchen utensils not just for containing food but also for the management of materials required for food. Other than that, from taking food in school to serving food at corporate events or programs food boxes has a crucial role in our everyday life. In our kitchen & freezer food boxes is a common scene to look at. But we are using lots of plastic food boxes for our needs without thinking about health problems. The widespread use of serving ice creams to takeout boxes of restaurant's usage of plastic is a common scene now a days.

At EnGreen, we have introduced a natural alternative in biodegradable areca palm leaf plates & food boxes that are completely chemical-free & biodegradable. Made of naturally fallen areca palm tree leaves, areca leaf plates & food boxes are good for the environment & health. Biodegradable within just 6 weeks & its sturdy nature makes it a very good choice to serve foods in programs & restaurants. You can also use it to contain spices & vegetables for home usage. The dried areca leaf plates raw materials make it usable for a long time and also contain it as many times as you like.

Buy Areca Leaf Food Box At the Best Price in BD

EnGreen has a different number of areca leaf plates and bowls made of different orientations. But in the food box category, currently, we are offering 8″ Rectangular Areca Leaf Food Box with many more food boxes to come in different shapes & sizes. At EnGreen, we are also the biggest areca leaf plates manufacturers in Bangladesh. So you can buy from our own e-commerce at retail rates. But if you are looking to order at a bulk rate contact us to get an exclusive quotation. Call +88 01894947620 for more.


Why are eco-friendly products so expensive?
Eco-friendly products are made of natural resources. And natural resources are limited to find. Due to the limitations of this raw materials production of eco-friendly products also has a limitation in production. That's why eco-friendly products are expensive.
How to get export orders for areca palm leaf food boxes?
The first step towards getting export orders for areca leaf food boxes is to identify & research the target market. Then gradually you need to obtain the necessary certificates, attend trades & fairs, build a strong online presence & partner with local exporters if you want to expand your business and land export orders.
What are the benefits of eco-friendly food boxes?

Some benefits of eco-friendly food boxes are,

  • Eco-friendly boxes reduce waste, pollution and carbon emission.
  • Using eco-friendly boxes supports chemical free eco friendly production and safe food consumption.
  • Eco-friendly boxes are made of renewable or recycled materials keeping the need of resources low.
  • Choosing eco-friendly food boxes can help protect the planet for future generations.
  • Eco-friendly food boxes can help you save money in the long run through energy and resource efficiency.
How to source areca leaf for food boxes?
You can source areca leaves from different parts of the country and also anywhere there are areca trees. But mostly if you want to source the raw material in bulk, the southern and southeastern regions of the country, in the districts of Barisal, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Khulna, and Sylhet are known to have significant populations of areca palm trees
How does plastic cause cancer?
Some types of plastic contain chemicals such as Bisphenol A (also known as BPA), phthalates, and PVC, which are known or suspected carcinogens. These chemicals can leach into food or water when plastic products are used or disposed of improperly. Inhaling fumes from burning plastic can also be harmful and increase the risk of certain types of cancer.
What is areca leaf food box and how are they made?
Areca leaf food boxes are food containers made from naturally sourced areca tree leaves which is a type of palm tree. These box and covers are typically crafted & shaped by hydraulic machines. These boxes are known for their durability, biodegradability, and food storage capacity.
Are areca leaf food boxes biodegradable and environmentally friendly?
Yes, areca leaf food boxes are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Unlike plastic or metal based boxes, they can be easily disposed of without harming the environment and are biodegradable within just 6 weeks.
How do areca leaf boxes compare to plastic boxes in terms of sustainability?
Areca leaf food boxes are not usable for an extended period of time. While its more environmentally friendly than plastic boxes and keep your from any kind of health issues like plastic but plastic boxes can be used for an extended period of time but has significant health risks.
Are areca leaf food boxes good alternatives to plastic or metal boxes?
Absolutely yes. Areca leaf food boxes are the best alternative to plastic or metal boxes. Unlike plastic and metal its 100% eco friendly offering biodegradibility within just 6 weeks.
How can I dispose of used areca leaf food boxes?
Composting is a great option to dispose of used areca leaf food boxes. After usage simply compost them in a safe place. As it is biodegradable within 6 weeks it will be completely disposed without harming the environment.
Are there any health benefits associated with using the areca leaf food boxes?
There is some evidence to suggest that using areca leaf products may provide some health benefits due to the natural properties of the areca leaf. But due to limited research it has not scientifically proven yet. But it is 100% healthy to use.
Are areca leaf food boxes safe for food consumption?
Areca leaf food boxes are 100% safe for food consumption. They are made of natural resources and does not contain any harmful chemicals. For centuries people have been using areca leave utensils for various purpose like food packaging and food containing without any harm. Similarly boxes made of areca leaves have the same characteristics. So it is completely safe for food consumption.
Why should we use areca leaf food boxes over plastic boxes?
Areca leaf food boxes are completely eco friendly and biodegradable. So after usage you can dispose it without harming the environment. On the other hand plastic boxes harm the environment with its slow decomposing rate so decomposing is not a viable option. Areca leaf food boxes can be reused upto 4-5 times if cleaned and maintained properly. Plastic boxes can be used for longer but has great huge risks due to the BPA which can also cause cancer.
Is the areca leaf food boxes a sustainable alternative for future?
Yes, areca leaf food boxes are a 100% sustainable alternative to plastic or metal counterparts. Because it offers biodegradability and is made from natural materials, it does not contribute to any damage to the environment. Also decomposes within 6 weeks.
Are areca leaf food boxes good for the food containing?
Yes, areca leaf food boxes are 100% safe for food containing and your health. These boxes are also made of renewable natural resources which grow back again, also is compostable making it biodegradable within as low as 6 weeks make it a great alternative for the future.
How to make an areca leaf food box at home?

Areca leaf food boxes are natural & eco-friendly substitutes for plastic food box. As it is made from natural resources it is easy to make in a few steps. They are:

  • Collect good quality leaves & clean them properly.
  • Compress it with an areca leaf food box/plate making machine or give it your desired shape by applying pressure added with heat.
  • Cut the additional portion with scissors to give it your desired shape.
  • Trim the rough edges for better finishing and usability.

In these four easy steps, you can make areca leaf food boxes.

Are areca leaf food boxes reusable multiple times?
The natural base of areca leaves makes them reusable more than once if cleaned and preserved properly. If you clean & dry it after usage you can reuse it multiple times.
Are areca leaf food boxes sturdy and durable?
Yes. Compared to any paper or plastic made boxes it is more sturdy and durable and can contain better quantity of food without breaking or dripping.
Is areca leaf food boxes used for a gift or keeping jewelry?
Yes. Areca leaf food boxes are a perfect option for gift as it can be used for various purposes like containing food, keeping jewelry or valuables as well as painting and customizing it for decoration.
Can we use areca leaf food boxes for multiple usage?
Can we use areca leaf food boxes for multiple usage? Yes, you can use areca leaf food boxes multiple times. All you need is to properly clean it & dry it after usage then it is ready for your next usage.
How to order for areca leaf food boxes in bulk?
If you are looking for the best quality areca leaf products in Bangladesh constructed from high quality areca leaves, order at your desired quantity online directly. Visit and get delivery all over Bangladesh.
How are areca leaf food boxes manufactured?
Areca leaf food boxes can be manufactured at a great quantity within a plant or at home. But for best quality production, it's ideal to use a manufacturing plant & peoper molding machines which will also reduce leaf wastage.
What is the process of making leaf food boxes?

Follow these four simple steps to make areca food boxes.

  • Clean the leaf thoroughly after collecting.
  • Compress it with the machine or shape it with your hands.
  • Cut the extra edges with scissors.
  • Trim the rough edges.
Are Areca Leaf Food Boxes Used for Home Decor?

Areca leaf food boxes can be used for various scenarios. Some of them are,

  • It can be used for keeping jewelry.
  • It can be used to keep small tools and toys.
  • It can be painted, customized and used as show pieces. etc
Can you wash and reuse palm leaf food boxes?
Yes, palm leaf boxes are reusable as long as you use them lightly and after usage rinse them with water & air dry the boxes.
How many boxes can be made in one areca leaf?
Depending on the size of the leaf & size of the boxes you are looking to produce the number can vary. But on average, one large areca palm leaf can be used to make 1 to 2 regular sized boxes with lead.
How eco-friendly are leaf boxes?
Leaf boxes are completely biodegradable, making them 100% eco-friendly. The compostability makes it friendly to use for health and environment. It also degrades automatically within 6 weeks.
Do you use chemicals in making areca leaf boxes?
Areca leaf food boxes are 100% chemical free. No chemicals are used or required in the making or preservation of areca leaf boxes. Which also makes it 100% healthy to use
Which leaves are used to make boxes?
Areca palm leaves are the most commonly used leaves to make boxes, as the structure is wide and sturdy enough to hold anything. Areca leaves are typically collected from the areca palm tree and are cleaned and processed to create plates that are both natural and biodegradable.