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Areca Leaf Plates And Bowls At Best Price For Kitchen & Dining

Bowls are an essential part of our everyday lifestyle when it comes to eating or catering food. From breakfast to a late snack after dinner, we use bowls for cereals to peanuts. Also for businesses bowls are used for serving dips to a hot serving of pasta. But often due to its high demand in everyday life, we often use some alternatives like plastic bowls without considering the environmental damage.

Areca leaf plates and bowls are natural alternatives to plastic products in our everyday life. Besides areca leaf bags & areca leaf cups nowadays all sorts of areca palm leaf products are making waves in the market due to their natural biodegradability & increasing commitment towards saving the environment for a sustainable future. EnGreen is the biggest producer of areca leaf plates and bowls in Bangladesh. To cater to the different needs of different customer bases as well as businesses we have introduced different sizes of areca leaf bowls. Currently, we have 3″ Round Bowls, 5.5″ Deep Square Bowls, 5″ Deep Round Bowl, 6″ Square Bowl, 8″x6″ Rectangular Bowl for home & business usage.

Buy Areca Leaf Plates And Bowls At Best Price in BD

If you are looking for natural & biodegradable alternatives for plastic bowls EnGreen: the biggest areca leaf disposable plates bowls supplier in BD is the right option. You can order in bulk as well as in small portions. Besides if you are interested in areca leaf plate making business we also are the manufacturers of Bangladesh’s own areca leaf plates machine. Visit EnGreen to choose from different options & call +88 01894947620 for bulk orders.


What are eco-friendly products?
Eco-friendly products refer to products that don’t cause any harm to the environment. While producing or using it, eco-friendly products don’t cause any problems due to their biodegradability. Naturally, sourced products or products that have natural raw materials in their construction are eco-friendly and biodegradable. For example, Areca leaf plates, are made of naturally sourced areca leaves that don’t cause any harm to the environment.
Are eco-friendly products more expensive?
Under usual circumstances, eco-friendly products are not more expensive than artificially produced products as the raw materials are sourced from nature. But sometimes if the raw materials are rare to find, the finished good can be more expensive. For example, some plants are very rare to find which makes natural medicine expensive.
How does plastic harm the environment?

Plastics cause unimaginable harm to our environment & ecosystem. Some of the core problems caused by plastics are, 

  • It pollutes our environment in soil, sea, river, etc. Traces of plastic can be found almost everywhere on earth. 
  • To produce plastic fossil fuel is required. Which is a direct contributor to greenhouse emissions. 
  • Plastics are non-biodegradable which is why the trace of plastic stays for thousands of years. 
  • Plastic breaks downs into micro pieces which can be consumed by humans & other animals directly or indirectly cursing many health problems.  
  • Plastic can contain toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. These chemicals can leach into the environment, contaminate soil and water sources, and ultimately harm animals, plants, and human health.
How many percent recycled areca leaf plates?
100% of areca leaf plates are recyclable if used & maintained carefully. The sturdy design makes it possible to recycle multiple times.
What are examples of eco-friendly products?

Here are some examples of eco-friendly products. 

  1. Reusable water bottles made of glass or steel. 
  2. Jute or cloth-made grocery bags. 
  3. Biodegradable cleaning products. 
  4. Bamboo toothbrushes. 
  5. Solar-powered chargers. 
  6. Eco-friendly clothing barring polyester. 
  7. Electric or hybrid cars. Etc. 

How to make areca bowls?

Areca leaf bowls are natural & eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bowls. Here is how you can make areca leaf bowls.

  1. Clean the leaf thoroughly after collecting.
  2. Compress it with an areca leaf bowl-making machine. 
  3. Cut the extra leaf with scissors. 
  4. Trim the edges. 

In these four easy steps, you can make areca leaf bowls. 

Are areca leaf bowls reusable?
The base of areca leaf bowls is made of areca leaves, a 100% biodegradable material. The base is naturally sturdy which makes it a very good alternative to plastic. When it comes to reusability, yes it's reusable if you clean & dry it after use.
Are areca leaf bowls sturdy?
Yes. The dry areca leaves are very sturdy which makes the bowls sturdy in structure
Is areca leaf bowls used for gift?

Yes. Areca leaf bowls can be used as eco-friendly and unique gifts for various occasions. The natural look & practicality makes it a perfect material for the gift. Areca leaf bowls also promote sustainability and eco-friendliness which makes them a responsible gift too.

Can we use areca leaf bowls for multiple use?
Areca leaf bowls can be used multiple times if it is maintained well after use. Which means cleaning & drying it properly.
How to hang areca leaf bowls to wall?
Areca leaf bowls can be hung on the wall with tapes, gums even nails. The bowls are very lightweight so you can hang them on the wall however you like to decorate your wall which is more suited to restaurants or commercial spaces.
How to order for areca leaf bowls?

Now you can order areca leaf bowls online from the biggest manufacturers of areca leaf products in Bangladesh. Order directly from us by visiting

How is areca leaf bowls manufactured?
Areca leaf bowls can be manufactured through an areca leaf bowl-making machine as well as manually in hand. All you need is dry areca leaves that are ready to be molded.
What is the process of making leaf bowls?

The process of making leaf bowls is simple. 

  1. Clean the leaf thoroughly after collecting.
  2. Compress it with the machine or shape it with your hands. 
  3. Cut the extra edges with scissors. 
  4. Trim the edges.
Is Areca Leaf Bowls Use for Home Decor?
Ideally, the areca leaf bowls are made for food consumption as a plastic alternative. But it can be used for home decor also. You can paint it & use it as wall decor which can be a use-case scenario.
Can you wash and reuse palm leaf bowls?
Yes, as long as you use them lightly and after usage rinse them with water & air dry the bowls you can use the palm leaf bowls.
How many bowls can be made in one areca leaf?
Typically, it depends on the size of the leaf & size of the bowl. But On average, one large areca palm leaf can be used to make 3 to 5 medium-sized bowls.
How eco-friendly are leaf bowls?
Leaf bowls are completely biodegradable which makes them 100% eco-friendly to use.
Do you use chemicals in areca leaf bowls?
No chemicals are required to make or clean areca leaf or areca leaf bowls. Which also makes it healthy to use.
Are areca leaf bowls safe?
Areca leaf bowls are made of fallen areca leaves which makes them 100% safe to use. Also, no chemicals are used to manufacture or contain it. So you can use it without any worry.
What are the side effects of areca?
Areca, also known as betel nut is chewed as a mild stimulant in many parts of south Asia. It can cause many health problems if consumed frequently. Some of those problems can be oral health problems, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, addiction & pregnancy complications.
Which leaves are used to make bowls?
Bowls produced from natural leaves are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Areca leaves are popular to make bowls. Other leaves which can be used to make bowls are,
  1. Banana Leaves.
  2. Bamboo Leaves.
  3. Palm Leaves.
  4. Sal Tree Leaves.
These are the popular leaves used for making bowls.
Is it real areca leaf or artificial bowl?
Areca leaf bowls are 100% natural and sourced from nature which makes them absolutely real and no artificial ingredients were used while making this areca leaf bowls.
Is areca leaf bowl used for food packaging?
Yes, areca leaf bowls can be used for food packaging. For restaurants it can be a good and eco friendly alternative to use areca leaf bowls for food packaging.
Are you manufacturer of areca leaf bowl?

EnGreen is the biggest manufacturer of areca leaf bowls in Bangladesh. We source areca leaves from different regions of the country & make areca leaf bowls in our own factory.